Friday, June 6, 2008

about me part 2

well i am a junior at life academy. next year i am going to be a senior at that school. Life academy has helped me grow into a better person. i have three brothers,and three sisters. thats alot of kids. my mom recently passed away. it hit our family really hard. we recently met some of our mom's side of the family. which is a good thing for us. man my godparents are from heaven. they took my all of my family into thier house. they didn;t split us up

trip to alameda

well yesterday we went to Alameda. we were interviewing people about safety. and how they felt about their community and if they felt safe, and what they felt about Oakland. we interviewed 12 people that was six more than we were supposed to do. well Alameda is safe, they only had about three murders this year. Oakland has more murders than Alameda.and the people we interviewed mostly said they haven't got jumped or robbed. while living in Alameda, they feel safer in their Alameda community.

later on the same day we went to the alameda beach. there we just went to kick it there. it was fun, we played football in the beach. it was cold being in the beach, and the wind was picking up.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

my thoughts

i overcame being shy. like asking people for interviews . this post session pushed to be more open to asking people for their interviews. even if it meant getting turned down asking people for their interviews. And some would just say no to getting interviewed. what i won't normally do is go asking people for permission to interview them. i tried new foods over post session. i met new people that i wont normally talk to in school. for example my brother and i have the same post session. he and i wouldn't speak to each other in school. but now since we have the same post session we talk more to each. so i want to thank Mr. Lee, and Ms. Fitzgerald. for putting us in the same post session. i draw the line to try new foods, like if it smells bad i won't try the food

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

reflection on fruitvale village

It was kind of the same on Fruitvale village it was clean, but the people in Walnut Creek, didn’t speak that much they mostly kept to them selves. It was harder to interview people in Fruitvale, because mostly they were really busy, like getting to work and getting their lunch. Other people couldn’t gives interviews, because in was against company policy. Or when we interviewed this one security guard, he was cool with us asking him questions. Then we went to to interview this lady named Kathy, she works in this Japanese restaurant, she say they opened it 3 weeks ago, and after the interview she gave us a rice ball with shrimp, it tasted really good. As we were done interviewing Kathy, the same security we interviewed same that the building manager got mad at him for posing for a picture, and told him to tell us to stop interviewing people in Fruitvale village.
I learned that there are different types of foods in Fruitvale village.

I liked that there are different types of foods in Fruitvale village, and that some people responded to our questions.

I learned that there are different types of foods in fruitvale village

About Me

so about me, well my name is sumo, which used to be my tagging name but my friends still call me that. i live the bay. i stay in the town, my block used to be 2500, until i moved i stay repping for my block. murder dubbs all day in thebay. i like to listen to music, like thizz nation,the hyphy movement,and any kind of music that slaps

refletion on castro in san fransisco

well yesterday we went to the Castro area in San Fransisco. it was kind of cool, it was really different than Oakland. it was way cleaner than some parts in Oakland , there were lots of bars and nightclubs in that area, and health clinics. it was walking around asking people if we interview them for our school project some would say yes and others would say no. or like when we accidentally walked in adult store called Castro wildcard, we didn't know that it was an adult store because they didn't have a sign that 18 years and older. the guy that we said if we could interview him, he said it was oaky. then he asked us if we knew we were in an adult store , and if we were adults.

later on the same day we went to the dolores huerta's park in frisco. it was fun we were playing in the park. in the swings and playing frisbee. then we tooked the bart back home to oakland

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

reflection on lake shore and rose garden

Yesterday we  went to Lake Shore in Oakland . Its by Lake Merritt , we went walking around Lake Shore asking people questions . It was kind of fun, but then it was boring walking around asking people if they mind if we interview them. some would just say no. Like this one guy I asked if I could  interview him. He said it was  okay, but that he had to leave in five minutes. And when I asked, If he minded If I used the voice recorder, he said he had to leave I got  mad because of that.

Later on the same day the teachers took us to the rose garden, I didn't know that Oakland had  rose garden.  I wonder why they don't have one in East Oakland. But  to get to the rose garden, we had to walk for a really long time. But on the way to the rose garden we saw this building with  things made out of stones. It looked really nice, I  wish my house looked that good.